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About Us

The tide is something that is constantly moving, shifting, ebbing and flowing, which is exactly what happens in life. Tides Online is dedicated to supporting personal and professional enrichment and awareness with a focus on the care sector and beyond. With an ever increasing focus on ‘conscious skills’,  and how balance supports our own wellness and mental health and that of others, we have developed our own suite of courses that can support your own growth and skill set, whether as an individual or part of an organisation. It’s a unique experience!


Who we are

We are a small, diverse group who share a passion for mentoring and supporting others in their personal and professional development. With our roots in positive psychology, we bring our knowledge and expertise together to create a portal to self-development that requires only two things: an open mind and a commitment to your very own self-development.

“We don’t offer 100’s of courses, nor do we price our courses just to discount, keeping everything simple.”

We are subject specialists and have, collectively, over a hundred years’ experience and all courses have been developed by us. Our unique courses are all online, accredited and endorsed and you won’t find them anywhere else!

Say Hello!

Jan initially started her career in health and wellness. Her love of teaching and training in the further education sector took her into management, mentoring other professionals, designing courses and creating new qualifications. As a Chartered Manager and Fellow with the CMI, she has amassed extensive knowledge in relation to the impact of balance and wellness in the workplace and its direct effect on productivity and culture. Coupled with a passion for all that is creative such as writing and photography, Jan oversees the development and production of all the courses from sunny Bournemouth on the South Coast.

We have the wonderfully knowledgeable and talented Jill, with a background in psychology spanning three decades. Jill’s roles over the years have included lecturing, managing university courses, mentoring and teacher training. Jill creates the content for our psychology-based courses, ensuring the information is accessible, relatable and can be applied to enhance your personal and emotional development.

Sakina is an accomplished author with several books published, including two novels. Her engaging writing makes her subject specialisms of autism and associated topics like mental health and stress management accessible and easy to read and absorb. Based in the unsung south west Cumbria, she finds focus and tranquility in the fells, estuaries and deserted beaches.

Last, but not least, we have Shaun, an accomplished musician, copywriter and author whose love of music has fuelled his passion for words and writing. A gifted guitar player and tutor, Shaun contributes across many of our subjects and articles.

Our flagship Self-Development Skills course can be enjoyed as personal or professional development. It has been tested and accredited, and on our initial trials generated some fantastic feedback. Many graduates reported increased vision, improved relationships, tolerance, focus, happiness and value.

We just can’t stop smiling!

“If you don’t have daily objectives, you qualify as a dreamer.”      Zig Ziglar

Take a moment to think, what would being the best you can be look like to you? Perhaps you need to start with your own Self-Development Skills journey, or browse our other unique courses, only available here, as they have been written by our own experts based on our experience!

“To be the best you can be, you have to decide what that looks like, as it will be different for everyone.”      Jan Douglas