Being a Nanny is one the most rewarding careers there is. Supporting parents with their childcare and watching the development of the children as they learn and master new skills. Families and parents hire a nanny as an alternative to putting their child, or children, into nurseries or childminding services because they are in full control of the childcare service and the flexibility they need along with the safe knowledge that their children will receive personal, individual care in the familiar home environment. Professional Nanny

What types are positions are available as a nanny?

Nannies can go to work with a family on a daily basis or work as a live-in nanny. They provide care for children sometimes alone, or supporting the parents, and will also help with light tasks to support the children like washing and ironing the children’s clothes and keeping their areas like their bedrooms and nursery tidy. If you opt as a live-in nanny, that might require more flexibility, as the family may need you to start earlier in the day, or work through to the evening, or on weekends, but this usually is planned throughout the week, so you’ll get time off in lieu to balance your hours. If you are a live-in nanny, you’ll have your own room so you can enjoy your own space if you want to when not working. You can also work abroad, in Europe and beyond, with families, on cruise ships and hotel and holiday children’s clubs. You don’t need a formal qualification to become a Nanny, which is why we have developed this course; The Diploma in Professional Nanny Care. This course covers child development and growth from new-born up to eight years and focuses on the specific requirements at each stage of development including health and safety awareness and safeguarding, knowledge that is vital yo protect children in your care. If you want to start work as nanny, this will really put you ahead of other applicants as it will show that you have made a commitment to your own personal development to become a professional within the field of a practicing Nanny.