Do you dream about who you’d like to be, could be, or what you could do, if it could just happen? We can all think about the person we wanted to be, the things we wished we could do, things we really wanted, but have never actually committed to or gone for in our lives so far.

So, take a minute and think…What’s yours?

It’s that special something, a picture of yourself in a setting, a lifestyle, a vision, aim or goal, that you’ve thought about for a long time. The one that often would be accompanied by positive thoughts when you really thought you could do it. When you took that breath and thought, or even said out load, ‘Why not? I could do that!’. Just before all the reasons, doubts and justifications for not making that change, taking that step, come flooding in. But, hey…what if you were right first time round and you COULD do it!!

Now take a moment – focus on the vison, idea, aspiration and inspiration, how long have you harboured the idea and ask yourself, why have you not made this happen? Whether it’s getting fit, starting a business, making changes in your lifestyle, try and drill down on why you are still here and haven’t done what you need to do to make the change.

There are probably a few reasons that you will use to justify your apathy to take control and make it happen, have you thought any of these?

  • My dream is just a dream, too far-fetched, out of reach or difficult
  • People would think I was mad or laugh at me
  • No-one would think I could do it
  • It’s not the right time now (nor has it been so far)
  • I don’t have the skill or knowhow to do it
  • I’m afraid that I will fail
  • I don’t have enough time
  • I don’t have enough money

Yes, all these are valid reasons or constraints, but, unusually, the most common reason why we hold back, or stop before we have even started, is that we lack the passion and desire to make it happen and make the leap.

It’s almost like we don’t ‘want’ it enough, so we’re not prepared to make the changes and step out of comfort zone, perhaps because we just don’t believe it enough.

So, we need to focus, not on excuses and ‘possible’ constraints, but the actual goal, because the more we focus on that goal, and visualise our reaching that and being that, the more likely we are to meet those challenges head on and overcome them – whether you need to amass new skills or train – you need to focus on your desire to achieve.

This increase in desire and focus will help you to develop strength that will start a forward momentum, overcoming self-doubt and disregarding your worry about what other people think and melting away perceived constraints and the excuses of yesterday.

Now you can see the relationship between passion, desire and achievement, you might need to revisit your initial vision or goal and question if it really is what you want – is it well defined and big or bold enough to drive you to change and ignite your passion?

Sometimes the underlying reason for not getting off square one is quite simply that that the vision or goal is not challenging or big enough, there’s not enough change or reward for your effort, so you wonder why to bother, no big picture, no passion, no change – I think you can see where I’m coming from….

“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.”
Walt Disney

Have your dream, follow your passion, make the change!

Do you have any tips or stories to share? What is your dream, have you started it yet?