Seeing the world through little eyes

Working with children is incredibly rewarding, whether they are your own, or if within a work role such as a nursery or school. All children need support and guidance to help them progress and learn, and you will be a key part of their young lives and help open their minds to countless new things.

You are part of the journey to help them become a happy, well-balanced child. Your influence on them will encourage, reassure and capture their imaginations.

Reading, exploring, imaginative play, writing, socialising, building confidence, learning to share – there are many life skills that a mother, father or care giver will be involved in. If you have children yourself, you may already know how special these milestones are to see first-hand, so learning more and developing your own skills further is a great opportunity.

Exploring childcare – what can you learn?

Our Childcare Foundations offer a fantastic chance at self-development whether to apply your new found knowledge on your own family environment, or in a more formal setting such as in a job role. It provides a range of targeted skills that you will be able to use to help you nurture and develop children of different ages. You will gain an understanding of how their growth shapes the way they learn, and which activities enable both physical and mental progression and stimulation.

Learning how to communicate with children of all ages will be invaluable and as well as the educational element, you will also learn how to keep them safe. Knowledge of how to safeguard children is probably the single biggest concern for most parents, so knowing how to apply the correct safety procedures will be of the utmost importance to them too.

Next steps in realising your dream

If you are passionate about being with, or working with children, you could get started by volunteering at a nursery or after school club, or being part of a parent club, or even, studying child development. Whatever you decide to do will be a really positive step and will form a good foundation for later.

Taking that first step in deciding to pursue your own goal to work with children will make you feel rewarded and happy will be the best decision you’ll ever make. Check out our childcare foundation series, all designed to either get you started or add to knowledge in specific areas of child development, care and growth.

What are you waiting for?

Unlock your talents, and start your journey of improvement and personal growth, boosting your career and job prospects with a childcare course written by our very own expert and mapped to national standards.