Welcome to Tides Online!

Flexible online learning, or distance learning, means just that; you learn at a distance without having to attend a physical college or university. You can engage in personal or professional enrichment and development wherever you like, nice and cosy inside on a cool day or outside in the fresh air. 

You can learn at your own pace and allocate as much time as you want. Our courses vary in length, from a couple of hours to around 40 hours. We recommend for the longer ones that you put aside just 1 – 2 hours a week, this will help keep the information current and maintain momentum. If you prefer to study in blocks, you could study one or two days a month on a weekend – the choice is yours – and that’s the beauty of flexible online learning.

In between lessons, you can visit the site as often as you want. Engage with our blogs and read our articles for inspiration and motivation all for free, it’s like being part of a team.

Courses from Tides Online focus on encouraging you to be the best you can be to improve your self-awareness, well-being, wellness, growth, personal or professional enrichment and development, which in turn will impact on your self-confidence, enhancing your lifestyle and work-life balance and relationships.

You will discover and develop new skills and knowledge which you can use in your everyday life, at home or work. You might even connect with your inner self to explore if a new career direction is right for you.

How does it work?

Once you have enrolled and joined us, you will gain access to the online lessons, where you work through at your own pace. The courses are delivered in modules and then smaller lessons, so you can plan how much you want to do – a whole module or lesson. At the end of each lesson, you will do your multiple-choice revision quiz just to check that you have understood the content. Many courses,  offer self-analysis activities, all designed to help you reflect and take a deep look inside yourself to uncover your unique motivators and help you set realistic goals.

You don’t submit your activities to us, they are developmental, so there will never be a right, or wrong answer to them. When you have passed all your multiple choice quizzes, you will have earned your certificate of achievement which will show that you have achieved!

All of these will enhance your personal or professional development and self-awareness.

And the benefits of Online Learning?

The benefits are simple:

  • You can study anywhere, anytime, anyplace; at home, on holiday, on a lunch break!
  • You can study whenever you want; fit around work or family or just immerse yourself in the course to get it completed as quickly as you like!
  • You are in charge of the time you spend on it.
  • You can join Tides Online at anytime in the year, so you don’t have to wait for traditional term times.

Course Details

Whether you’re ready to dive in, or would rather just dip your toe in, we’re here ready to hold your hand and support you on your journey.

Take a look at our suite of courses  and membership organisations we are affiliated with and discover which courses will help you on the road to becoming ‘the best you can be’.

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