Childhood Transitions


Transitions are the changes that children go through in life and can be either planned or unplanned. This short personal enrichment course will help you to understand exactly what childhood transitions are and how to support your children as a parent, or those of others, as a carer, with the changes they will face in their lives.

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Childhood transitions are changes that happen in life as a child grows into an adult. 

This short, single module course which will help you gain a knowledge & understanding of childhood transitions and how you can support children and young people to navigate changes in their lives as seamlessly as possible. There are 3 lessons in this course and the average time spent would be 1-2 hours.

“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.”  Isaac Asimov

Throughout this course we will be looking at the different types of transitions children and young people experience. Some of these your child may never go through whilst some of them, all of our children go through as these are a natural progression through life growing from a child into an adult.

We will look at how you as parents, or carers for the children of others, can support children through these,  as well as how transitions can affect children and young people.

In the course we will look at understanding the different types of transitions – planned and unplanned. We’ll look at the emotional, physical, physiological, and intellectual transitions, and  the feelings children may experience. We’ll then move on to exploring how to prepare children for different settings – like nursery, primary school, secondary school and further education providers.

In the second lesson we delve into how to prepare children for personal planned transitions. What you can do as a parent or carer, and what settings should do to support children. As these events in life happen to  most at some point in time, this is quite a short lesson.

In the last lesson, we’ll look into supporting children through unplanned transitions and how they may affect them.

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Course Aim


This is for parents, or those who are working with, or who want to work with children. Those who wish to develop their knowledge about transitions and how they can support children and young people make transitions as smooth as possible, which in turn will support the positive development of self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience.



By completing this course, you will be able to apply what you have learned to support transitions in your own children, those in your care, or support other people who also have children going through transitions. This also shows a commitment to your own personal and professional enrichment and development which will also support any applications for volunteering or working with children and young people.


You could start working with children within the Health & Social care sector, or in a school, supporting children. This knowledge will also enhance your skillset if you are already working in an environment with children.


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Course Syllabus & Content

Module 1: Understanding and supporting transitions

  • 1. Understand the different types of transitions
  • 2. How to support children through planned transitions
  • 3. How to support children through unplanned transitions

Additional Info

Level of Study:
This level is Level 2 which means that you will have knowledge and understanding of facts, procedures and ideas to complete tasks and address straightforward problems.

Study Method:
Online platform.

How is it assessed?
By multiple choice questions at the end of each lesson

Tides Online Certificate of Achievement

Entry Requirements:
There are no formal requirements for entry, however, all materials and assessment are in English, therefore a good command of English is essential.


Q: How do I access the materials?
Through the creation of an account by enrolling on the course. You just log in and can start your dream course. As soon as the account is created, you will have access to the course materials online where you can take as long as you want, or need, to work through the course and the activities.

Q: How long will I have access to the materials for?
You will have access to the course materials for 12 months, however if you need longer, just contact us to arrange to extend your access.

Q: Can I do more than one course at a time?
Yes, however you will need to set up a separate enrolment plan for each course.

Q: How are the courses structured?
Lessons are grouped into modules. Each lesson within a module has links to external sites for additional information and there are tutor tasks, challenges and activities. The tutor challenges are designed to add value to the course, and you do not need to submit any work to complete the course, and the activities form part of your self-development and self-discovery. We also recommend keeping a journal to make notes and record your thoughts and progress.

Q: Do I get a certificate?
Yes! At the end of each lesson there is a set of multiple-choice questions, you need to pass at 80% before moving on to the next lesson. Once you have completed all the modules. you will be able to download and save, or print, your very own Tides Online Certificate of Achievement for your records, or to show someone else that you have completed the course.

Q: Can I get hard copies of the course materials?
We can provide the materials as an e-book for you to print off and refer to, or provide the materials in printed form, however, you will still need to do the quizzes online in order to gain your certificate. Please contact us at for pricing information.

Q: What skills do I need to join this course?
An open mind and a willingness to learn and develop yourself is all you need to benefit from our courses and start your journey to becoming the best you can be. Please note that all materials are in English.

Q: Is there an additional or required reading list?
All the materials we supply will provide you with all the information that you need to complete your chosen course or journey, but you are directed to further sites and videos that are free to access if you want to gain a deeper understanding of your chosen topic. We will always recommend additional reading, however that is to enhance and support an advanced understanding of the subject, but that suggested reading is not a requirement - the study materials will provide all the information you need to complete the course.

Q: Do I have to take an exam?
No, successful completion of this course will be as a result of passing the end of lesson quizzes at a minimum of 80% as you progress through the course.

Q: Can I do the course if I live outside the UK?
Yes! This is an online course, so can be studied from anywhere, just remember that everything is in English.

Q: Can I speak with someone if I get stuck or want a tutorial?
Yes, you can contact us via email with any queries or to request a call for help with anything. We also offer one to one virtual coaching and mentoring sessions either by phone or Skype/Zoom. These can be booked in 15, 20- and 30-minute time slots. Contact us for pricing information.

Q: What shall I do if I still have questions?
Contact us at to book a call and we'll run through everything with you.


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