Developing Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence (EI), is a collection of skills and strengths often seen in successful people. Now, more than ever before, it is important to practice EI with integrity helping yourself and others, identify and manage emotions, developing skills that are key in achieving goals at home or work.

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Developing Emotional Intelligence (EI), will cultivate a strength that many successful leaders have. This personal and professional development course will help you to help yourself and others, identify and manage emotions. Managing emotions leads to the development of core personal skills that are key in achieving goals, in home life or work life.

Widely regarded as a set of soft social and emotional skills that when developed and combined, result in higher levels of success in many areas of life. It is acknowledged that the most effective leaders and managers possess this as well as technical competence and expertise. It is the capacity to control and express your own emotions, be aware of, and respect, the emotion of others. These skills help you handle relationships, in a respectful and empathetic way to get the best out yourself and others. Emotional Intelligence will help us to cope with challenges, by using it in an effective and meaningful way.

What will I learn?

You will start your journey into developing emotional intelligence with definition and nurture, absorbing the  relevance of emotional intelligence. You will then progress onto the skills associated with becoming emotionally intelligent and the benefits of improving your emotional intelligence.

Developing functional emotional skills will show you how to understand and apply emotional competencies and how to use emotional skills.

Thirdly, to understand the characteristics of resilience, explore how to live life positively. Here you will engage in some skills test scenarios to test your knowledge so far.

You’ll then move on to achievement-motivation strategies. How to plan for successful outcomes and sustain your motivation. At the end of this penultimate module you will study how personality differs and how to plan to support different personality types maintain their motivation.

Finally, the last module will guide you on how to support others in the workplace.

Course Aim


This journey is for anyone who wants to help themselves or others improve their personal or professional lives through the use of emotional intelligence. Particularly those who want to improve their relationships within the workplace and perhaps progress into mentoring or management.

It is also great for those who are already coaching, mentoring or advising as well as those who might want to start their own coaching business. It will also show any perspective employer or membership organisation that you are committed to your own continuing professional development.



Emotional intelligence coaching will help to uncover the way your emotions work, and how they may have been holding you back and limiting your potential. Once you understand and accept this, you will be able to access a very powerful form of personal leadership coaching sharing your knowledge to help others. It is a trusted method of success and valuable in your personal or professional lives.

Completing this course also contributes to the development of your conscious business skills, providing a certificate to demonstrate your commitment to your own self-development, for your own intrinsic value or any perspective or current employer.



Once completed, you can use the skills to work with individuals or teams as a coach, trainer, or management mentor. You could also use them in a volunteer or advisory capacity such as with organisations that support stress and personal development, or career and personal development.

If you already work in education, these skills would benefit your students, as well as add to your skillset if you are already practising as a Coach or Mentor.


You will find Mastering Mindfulness, Stress Management and Developing Coaching Skills will all compliment this course as they are all focused on understanding how to improve on a personal level.

Course Syllabus & Content

Module 1: Emotional Intelligence - definition and nurture

  • The relevance of emotional intelligence
  • Skills associated with becoming emotionally intelligent
  • The benefits of improving your emotional intelligence

Module 2: Developing functional emotional skills

  • The application of emotional competencies
  • Using emotional skills
  • Increasing emotional competencies

Module 3: Understanding the characteristics of resilience

  • Living life positively
  • Testing times
  • Skills test scenario

Module 4: Achievement-motivation strategies

  • Achievement-motivation strategies for successful outcomes
  • Sustaining motivation
  • Personality and achievement-motivation

Module 5: Supporting others in the workplace

  • How to support others
  • Boundaries & ethics
  • Organisational considerations

Additional Info

Duration for this course:
You can take up to 1 year

Number of lessons:
14 lessons within 5 modules

Study Hours:
Approximately 30 - 40 hours dependant on the level of detail you include in the activities

Level of Study:
Level 3 is set at the same difficulty as A Level

Study Method:
Online platform with videos, challenges, quizzes and activities

How is it assessed?
By the successful completion of multiple-choice questions at the end of each lesson

What are the Activities?
The Self-Analysis & Activities are designed to help you explore your own deeper self, and understand your core motivators and goals, and to help others to identify their own.

A Tides Online Certificate of Achievement

Entry Requirements:
There are no formal requirements for entry, however, all materials and assessment are in English, therefore a good command of English is essential.


Q: How do I access the materials?
Once you have selected your dream course you can enrol online. You can either pay in full, or if you have PayPal Credit, you will have the option to use PayPal Credit for the purchase if the course is over £99. As soon as the payment is received, you will have access to the course materials online where you can take as long as you want, or need, to work through the course and the activities.

Q: How long will I have access to the materials for?
You will have access to the course materials for 12 months, however if you need longer, just contact us to arrange to extend your access.

Q: Can I do more than one course at a time?
Yes, however you will need to set up a separate enrolment plan for each course.

Q: How are the courses structured?
Lessons are grouped into modules. Each lesson within a module has links to external sites for additional information and there are tutor challenges and activities. The tutor challenges are designed to add value to the course, and you do not need to submit any work to complete the course, and the activities form part of your self-development and self-discovery. We also recommend keeping a journal to make notes and record your thoughts and progress.

Q: Do I get a certificate?
Yes! At the end of each lesson there is a set of multiple-choice questions, you need to pass at 80% before moving on to the next lesson. Once you have completed all the modules. you will be able to download and save, or print, your very own Tides Online Certificate of Achievement for your records, or to show someone else that you have completed the course.

Q: Can I get hard copies of the course materials?
We can provide the materials as an e-book for you to print off and refer to, or provide the materials in printed form, however, you will still need to do the quizzes online in order to gain your certificate. Please contact us at for pricing information.

Q: What skills do I need to join this course?
An open mind and a willingness to learn and develop yourself is all you need to benefit from our courses and start your journey to becoming the best you can be. Please note that all materials are in English.

Q: What is included in the cost of my enrolment plan?
Access to the online digital materials for the course you have chosen. Our materials are designed and developed in house by subject specialists and we supply everything you need to complete the course, including links and references to free resources to study in more detail if you want to. You will also be able to visit our blogs and articles for inspiration and motivational tips any time you want.

Q: Is there an additional or required reading list?
All the materials we supply will provide you with all the information that you need to complete your chosen course or journey, but you are directed to further sites and videos that are free to access if you want to gain a deeper understanding of your chosen topic. We will always recommend additional reading, however that is to enhance and support an advanced understanding of the subject, but that suggested reading is not a requirement - the study materials will provide all the information you need to complete the course.

Q: Do I have to take an exam?
No, successful completion of this course will be as a result of passing the end of lesson quizzes at a minimum of 80% as you progress through the course.

Q: Can I do the course if I live outside the UK?
Yes! This is an online course, so can be studied from anywhere, just remember that everything is in English.

Q: Can I speak with someone if I get stuck or want a tutorial?
Yes, you can contact us via email with any queries or to request a call for help with anything. We also offer one to one virtual coaching and mentoring sessions either by phone or Skype/Zoom. These can be booked in 15, 20- and 30-minute time slots. Contact us for pricing information.

Q: What shall I do if I still have questions?
Contact us at to book a call and we'll run through everything with you.


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