Preparing to work with Children & Young People


This will give you an insight into the variety of roles available to work in with children and young people and the key information that is required to work in childcare settings.

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There are many sectors that employ people to work with children and young people – all different. They include health and social care, teaching and education as well as charities. There are lots of other opportunities to work with children, such as leisure, sport and tourism or specialist public services and administration. Within the voluntary sector you could become a support worker for charities such as Barnardo’s, Action for Children and The Children’s Society, there is a lot out there. With further training and qualifications, you could also become a children’s nurse, health visitor, paediatrician or speech and language therapist. It can be quite confusing, which is why this course is designed and based on the Level 3 Qualification.

Course Aim


This course in Preparing to work with Children and Young People, provides information on the different areas and settings which you might consider working in. It will give you information on how to get started and which relevant qualifications are beneficial, as well as developing knowledge and understanding in key areas such as safeguarding, health and safety and equality and diversity.



You will be able to make an informed choice as to the area that you would like to focus on and train in for a new career. It also shows a commitment to personal development which will be an excellent plus when applying for volunteer or paid positions.



This could lead to a role in an organisation like a school or social care setting working with children or young people as a volunteer, or employed as you start a new career in childcare. It will also help you decide if this is the right career for you and if you want to study further to specialise in any specific childcare areas.


Once you have decided which area you would like to work in you can chose from a number of courses to compliment the age range, perhaps Professional Nanny Care if you want to work with babies and young children, Play Support Assistant or Learning Support Assistant or further deepen your knowledge with something like Children's Psychological Development among others.

Course Syllabus & Content

Lesson 1: Working in early years and education

  • Understand the different settings you could work in
  • To understand early years and childcare settings and how to get started
  • Understand the various options for working in education and how to get started

Lesson 2: Working in further education and social care settings

  • Understand further education opportunities and how to get started
  • Understand social care opportunities and how to get started

Lesson 3: Child development

  • Understand the meaning of child development
  • Understand why development may not follow the expected pattern
  • Understand the importance of early interventions and how these can have positive outcomes

Lesson 4: Safeguarding

  • Understand safeguarding when working with children and young people

Lesson 5: Equality, diversity, inclusion and health and safety

  • Understand equality, diversity and inclusion when working with children and young people
  • Understand Health and safety when working with children and young people

Additional Info

Level of Study:
Level 3 is set at the same difficulty as A Level

Study Method:
Online platform, although PDF can be available, so you can download and read offline.

How is it assessed?
You will submit an assignment at the end of each lesson for marking to your tutor.

Tides QMS Certificate of Achievement, & ABC Quality License Scheme Certificate of Achievement.

Entry Requirements:
There are no formal requirements for entry, however, all materials and assessment are in English, therefore a good command of English is essential.


Q: Who will be my Tutor and how will they support me?
Your personal tutor is a subject specialist and experienced assessor and you will be able to contact them, by email if you need. They will mark your assignments and provide invaluable feedback to guide you through to completion of the course. You will also have a Tides QMS Achievement Handbook in PDF which will help you get the best out of the course and help you gather what you need to be the best you can be, especially useful if you haven’t studied for a while.

Q: What skills do I need to join this course?
An open mind and a willingness to learn is all you need to benefit from this course. Please also note that all materials and assignments are in English.

Q: What is included in the cost of my course?
Our materials are designed and developed in house by subject specialists, and while we supply everything you need to complete the course, you are also provided with links and references to free resources to study in more detail if you want to. You will also have the support from your personal tutor for 12 months should you need it.

Q: Are there any additional costs?
All registration and certification fees are included in the course fee, along with all the resources required to complete the course.

Q: Is there an additional or required reading list?
No, the materials we supply will provide you with all the information that you need to complete the course but you are directed to further sites and videos that are free to access if you want to gain a deeper understanding. We will always recommend additional reading, however that is to enhance and support an advanced understanding of the subject, but that reading is not a requirement - the study materials will provide all the information you need to complete the course.

Q: Do I have to take an exam?
No, successful completion of this course will be as a result of passing all the assignments you have submitted to your tutor.

Q: Can I do the course if I live outside the UK?
Yes ! This is an online course, so can be studied from anywhere as long as you pass your assignments in English.

Q: What shall I do if I still have questions?
Contact us and book a call and we'll run through everything with you.


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