Emotional intelligence, often referred to as EI or EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quota)  is something that we can all strive to improve in every day of our lives. Nobody is born with it; it’s something we develop through our surroundings, upbringing and life experiences. Even if you don’t have it, it is something you can still develop and, when you do, your personal and professional lives will prosper.

Mental health awareness

Emotional intelligence is a combination of emotional awareness and using that awareness to get you through the challenges life presents in a level-headed manner at home, at work and in life. The great leaders of our time and successful people are known to practise an awareness of emotional intelligence as well as intellect.

Search inside yourself for guidance

Emotional awareness – i.e. being conscious of your emotional state – is a huge contributing factor towards taking control of your own emotions and, by extension, becoming emotionally intelligent.

People with a high level of emotional intelligence are often cut out to lead others in business, politics and sport because, not only are they in tune with their own feelings, they have a deeply empathetic nature that allows them to understand the needs of others.

Displaying a deep understanding of another person’s feelings can also help to create a bond between you and a person you admire, therefore proving to be an asset in the building of relationships.

Empathy makes us better people

If you are empathetic towards others and know how best to treat them in times of sadness, joy or indifference, this is a confirmation that you possess emotional intelligence.

If you are constantly striving to be the best you can be in all areas of your life, working on your emotional intelligence is the ideal starting point as the other areas will follow suit.

Constantly check in with how you are feeling and develop personal techniques to sharpen your emotional awareness, as well as doing your best to be a positive influence for those around you.

The path to emotional intelligence

Becoming emotionally intelligent, and then developing it further, is a journey of self discovery. It’s not a journey with a destination as we are always developing and improving. If you approach every day with the intention of being empathetic towards others, you are already on the right track towards becoming an emotionally intelligent person.

Life is a journey, not a destination’ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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