You should never underestimate the incredible power colour can have over our moods, feelings and emotions. Colour psychology has a very long history, with those who study colour discovering just how much certain colours can affect us. Reds, for instance, can be either a warning or can stir feelings of love and comfort, while blues have a calming effect but can also elicit feelings of melancholy. We associate yellows with warmth and energy, and purples are often interpreted as a symbol of wealth, mystery or wisdom. The colours we surround ourselves by in terms of our clothing and décor can all affect how we feel, along with the seasons, so it’s important to understand the impact of colour on good mood and good health.

Why choose colour therapy?

Colour therapy is increasing in popularity, so now is the perfect time to consider training as a colour therapist. Colour therapy is a subtle form of therapy, which harnesses the power of the colour spectrum to promote a sense of balance and peace between mind, body and spirit. Becoming a colour therapy practitioner can be a richly rewarding career, enabling you to help others and put your learning and skills to good use. Colour therapy is used to encourage creativity and learning, relieve physical, mental and emotional suffering and promote healing, good health, relaxation and inspiration.

Could you become a colour therapist?

By training as a colour therapy practitioner you are opening the door to a fulfilling new chapter in your life. If you embrace improvement, be the best you can be and embark on this course to better understanding, you will find this a mentally and emotionally stimulating path. This colour therapy training programme will help you fully understand the fascinating origins of colour therapy, how to  use colour in a holistic way from the application and benefit of bathing in different colours of light for wellness cures as well as how to advise on physical uses of colour, for example in decorative choices and clothing. You will learn everything you need to know to become a Colour Therapy Practitioner, harnessing the power of colour and giving you the confidence and skills to understand and influence your own colour choices, those of your friend and family or even to start a new career as an independent colour therapist. If you’re ready to start on your new direction for self-improvement or a new career, check out our Colour Therapy Practitioner course,or contact us today and arrange a call back for more information.