What is life coaching?

From time to time, everyone needs guidance. Everyone’s life is full of complications, challenges, and hurdles to be overcome, and it’s not always easy to balance every issue single-handedly.

Just as you might utilise certain computer software to make your work life easier and more efficient, many people find it incredibly beneficial to work with a life coach to help identify life direction, set goals and work together to plan a way and follow a path that can lead to achievement, overcoming obstacles and difficulties along the way.Life coach with student

Life Coaching Skills – a helping hand

Life coaching is often compared to therapy or counselling, but there are clear and obvious difference. With life coaching, very specific projects, goals or targets are generally focused on. Everything is broken down into components, and then the most appropriate approaches can be formulated. Obstacles and hurdles – from relationships to self-esteem issues – can be assessed in detail, and the best way to overcome them can subsequently be decided.

Life coaching is an association between coach and client. Life coaches work with people, not for them; the relationship is not necessarily about the life coach providing the answers or solutions to specific situations, but rather directing and enabling to client to think more clearly, and ultimately decide what approach will work best for them in a safe and trusted environment.

Generally speaking, any person is capable of planning a path and coming to their own conclusions once their mind has been cleared of distractions, hindrances and self-doubt. Working with a life coach, means that they can push aside those negative influences and focus on the things that really matter.

What else can a life coach do?

A life coach can do many things to assist change within a client, and these are just a few areas;

• Positive self-esteem coaching
• Creating the foundations for healthier relationships
• Focusing on key goals and how they can be attained
• Breaking down complex issues into manageable pieces
• Helping to understand emotions and why certain feelings persist or emerge
• Help in coming to terms with coping strategies after losses, whether personal or professional

Of course, the relationship between coach and client is different in every instance. The role of the life coach is not only to assist the client in growing both personally and professionally, but to establish how exactly they can benefit the client’s life to begin with.

Interested to know more?

Life coaching is exceptionally rewarding and can be applied to friends, family as well as professionally is not just about helping clients achieve all they can, it’s also allowing you be the best you can be.

If you think that life coaching is something you’d like to explore, then what’s holding you back? It could be the beginning of helping people achieve their goals and ambitions, or even a new career, so why not take a look at our Life Coaching Skills course in the Self Discovery Suite or contact us for a call back.