What get’s you going?

Have you always wanted to be an artist, a photographer, or learn another language but haven’t really got off square one? Perhaps you wanted to change career, but don’t really know what you want. If so, focusing on what motivates you could be the key to getting started.

It might sound like a bit of a mouthful, but quantum motivational strategies (the QMS in Tides QMS) are strategies that are designed to get you going.

Let’s break that down with the help of the Free Dictionary, at https://www.thefreedictionary.com.


  • A quantity or amount
  • A specified portion
  • Something that can be counted or measured


  • The act or process of motivating
  • The state of being motivated; having a desire or willingness to act
  • Something that motivates; an inducement, reason, or goal


  • A method for making, doing, or accomplishing something
  • A plan or method for achieving a specific goal
  • A plan of action resulting from strategy or intended to accomplish a specific goal. 
  • A particular long-term plan for success

So, in summary, the successful development of a plan, or strategy, is dependant on identifying what motivates you and linking to your passions. Doing the things you love, and making sure that you make time to spend your time on things that fulfil you. These activities and approaches will keep fuelling your motivation – as you become more motivated, you develop your skills and self-awareness and can measure your progress in achieving your goals.

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