Creating a Snapshot in Time

It can be hard to get a grip with the present in this fast-paced world, bombarded with news, media and noise. Slowing down can seem almost impossible, and if you can slow things down, you still feel the need to not ‘waste time’, but spending that time reflecting on yourself could be more helpful than you could possibly imagine.
Self-reflection can help identify your strengths and isolate your weaknesses, giving you the focus to work out how to turn any weakness into an opportunity. So, how can you get started? Simple.

Work through the following questions from either a personal or professional perspective (or even both). You might just want to think, but it would be good to write them down.

Date your answers, because you might want to do this regularly, even if it’s just on the last day of every month – whatever seems right your you – and you’ll be amazed how things will have changed over time when you look at previous answers. Remember, these are just for you to reflect on to create a snapshot in time.

What am I doing well?
Think about how you are looking after yourself, creating positive relationships, learning and developing, in your work life and at home.

What am I doing not so well?
Do you want or need to get anything off your chest today? Are you harbouring any resentment, guilt or struggling with anything at the moment? Is there anything you think you need to work on in particular?

What can I do to improve myself or the situation?
What can you do to take better care of yourself in terms of your mind, body, and soul? Think about all areas; at home, at work, in life. Could you benefit from spending time differently? Learning something?

Learned anything new?