Your journey begins and ends with self-awareness, but you might ask; what exactly is self-awareness?

It’s what makes us unique, it’s the awareness of our ‘self’, our traits, behaviours and feelings, the components of our personality. Self-awareness can be further developed to help us accept our strengths or weaknesses, which can then enhance our experiences and abilities.

In 1972, psychologists Shelley Duval and Robert Wicklund, developed the theory of self-awareness, or self-focused attention, in their collaborative work ‘ A Theory of Objective Self-Awareness’, suggesting that self-awareness is intrinsically tied with self-control, meaning that you can take control and develop your ‘self’.

In this day and age, it is all too easy to focus on “being your best self”, or “the best you can be”, but without self-awareness, there is a danger that that all you will do is feel inadequate as though you’re ‘not quite there yet’, or ‘not good enough’ which is why we have created our unique ‘Self-Development Skills’ program of self-discovery and learning.

The journey starts by exploring, your own identity, beliefs and values and how they affect your role in society.

You will discover the relationship between self-esteem, confidence and personal identity and learn how to hone your communication skills and gain an invaluable insight into the theory behind decision making skills, before uncovering your own personal motivators, it’s quite a deep journey, and will be full of revelations!

With built in quizzes, challenges, exercises, videos and a structured journaling approach, you’ll see yourself as you may have never done before, raising your self-awareness, taking control and starting on a path of enlightenment and empowerment, uncovering your unique self and finding your passion and direction in life.

This is a unique experience and is based on science and experience, developed by us, for you.

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