With the current Covid crisis, guidance and rules regarding what you can, and cannot, do at work or home changing all the time you will probably be finding it hard to maintain your own morale or that of your family, friends, colleagues or staff.

With that in mind, we were sharing our online course called ‘Creating a Positive Mindset’ over the festive period, as it has been written with the current situation in mind, but if you missed it, don’t worry, you can now see it for just £35.00.  It was developed having seen someone close to me really struggling to cope and losing positivity, so this came to being with her in mind. Having asked her to ‘proof read it’ for me, she said that she found it really helpful and started using some of the strategies almost every day and has really improved in her acceptance of the situation and outlook. It’s not a ‘proper’ course, as there are no tests, so you can just work through at your leisure!

I would just LOVE for you to take a look at ‘Creating a Positive Mindset’ and recommend to anyone who needs that little extra support. The course is just 3 lessons and will take a just a couple of hours with a couple of activities and some videos to watch. Access is granted as soon as the enrolment process is complete – so sign up now!

Warmest, Jan