It’s a famously known quote from Greta Garbo’s character in the 1932 film Grand Hotel. It resonated throughout the studio and entire film industry and become one of the most well remembered movie quotes, possibly, because many felt that Garbo delivered the line with such passion because that is how she actually felt. Many attributed the quote to her as the person and not the character.

Nevertheless, sometimes, we all want to be alone. To take some time for ourselves, stop pleasing everyone else and just please ourselves. Take a moment and think, if you had some time alone, what would you do? Would you catch up on chores, indulge in some music or a film? Would you take a bath, a walk, pick some flowers? Would you engage in learning something new?

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Whatever you might choose, time alone will help you reset yourself and recharge if you manage it properly. Many people use the time to meditate, many to reflect, completing a journal or reading. Being alone can be what you make it. If you had to plan just one hour of total alone time, what would you do?